Michael S. Sommermeyer

A public relations strategist and professional broadcaster, Michael S. Sommermeyer writes engaging copy — ad copy, blog posts, presentations, press releases, sales letters, webinars — that help businesses and entrepreneurs build authority, engage with their customers, and generate more leads.

“Your message depends on your tone and your style; then you influence,” says Sommermeyer. “If you fail to capture hearts, or worse, alienate your audience, then you have failed to communicate.”

Lending his expertise for countless government and non-profit organizations, Sommermeyer adds his distinctive talent to showcase each important message as a writer, speaker, and communicator.

His collateral messaging and media outreach projects are compelling designed to persuade the reader, listener, or viewer to take action. Providing a range of copywriting strategies, Sommermeyer offers the tools needed to reach a target audience and inspire them to purchase a product or support a cause. Sommermeyer has written press releases, web copy, course lessons, email sequences, media training, media tours, video narration, content upgrades, workbooks, webinar scripts, and crisis management materials.

As a motivational speaker and trainer, Sommermeyer inspires leaders, managers, and front-line employees to embrace their audience, employees, and customers.

In addition to non-fiction articles, press releases, and presentations, Sommermeyer is a fiction author with books showcased on Amazon and Wattpad. He offers short stories and author advice on his blog, wordsmithholler.com.

Sommermeyer developed the first official website for Texas Tech University and has been working in internet social media since 1994. He has made numerous social media presentations to courts and non-profit organizations.

A proven communicator, Sommermeyer has the power to change hearts and minds.