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About me

executive leadership coach
My story

Michael Sommermeyer

An author, speaker, and executive coach, I have successfully led teams, organizations, and projects. I became a television personality after university and learned the fine art of listening and building rapport with an audience. These skills I share with my students to enable them to motivate, lead, and empower teams.
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My passion


Career development allows individuals to learn the skills needed to succeed. All of my courses are designed to build upon each other and create a powerful ladder to help you reach the top.



Coaching allows you to make breakthroughs and achieve succcess at a faster pace.


Together we build a coaching program that meets your needs, goals and wants.


Achieve success in record time resulting in better assignments and positions in your company.

My coaching

Become an Effective Leader

People are looking to YOU for leadership.

They want you to help them achieve their goals, fulfill their mission, and overcome challenges they encounter along the way.

But being a leader isn’t easy. It requires both keen insight AND strong action.

If you don’t have both, you won’t make forward progress on your mission.

This FREE 10-day email challenge will give you strategic leadership insights each day, as well as specific actions to take to strengthen your leadership skills.

If you’re ready to reach your leadership potential, this is for you.